July 2019

Photo's from Alden Car Show 2019

Photo’s from Alden Car Show 2019

I haven’t been to the Alden Car Show before.  I heard it was a big show so i was excited to go this year.  That is at least until i got up this Sunday morning and it was a steady rain here in Westfield NY.   Its a bit of a drive and I was having […]

Photo Gallery: Syracuse Nationals 2019

Every year I try to go to 1 big show.  Usually its Goodguy’s in Columbus.  I have been doing it as a one day trip, which being a one way 4 hour drive for me, means more driving than looking at cars.  This year i decided to go to the Syracuse Nationals and go Friday […]

Cruise the Bay 7/15/2019. Three words: No. Effing. Parking.

I was pretty excited to go to this show. For some reason I have never went to it, i think being on a Monday is part of it. But after working all weekend to make up for the billion hours doing data entry on this site, i thought it was a perfect time to go […]