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Photo Gallery: Peek’n Peak Fall Fest Exotic Car Show 2019, Clymer NY

It was a nice day Saturday and although car show/cruise in season is over, I still had the itch to go out and pretend that I am a car photographer.  I decided to head back to the Peak this weekend for the exotic car show they were having as a part of Fall Fest. 

These really aren’t my type of cars, I would much rather go to a classic car show and look at chrome, blowers, gen 1 hemi’s and custom fabrication.  Setting aside my personal tastes in cars, there is a lot to see and photograph on these exotic cars so i decided to go.

The show was 1-4, I got there about 12:30 and was lucky to find a parking place fairly close.  There were maybe 5 cars there, and 100 people looking at them.   No early birds like a classic car show.  I think there was one group that was bringing 40 cars or so.  They were late so it was probably 1:30 or 1:45 when they arrived.  By this time there were maybe 300 people waiting for them to arrive.  I moved down to the far end while most of the crowd was at the top of the parking lot and i was able to get some pics of the cars as the came in and parked.

Once the cars were parked the crowd descended on them.  Little kids, strollers, dogs all over the place.  I have been to a lot of car shows, I have never seen so many people touching the cars.  Seemed everyone wanted a photo op with a car, many leaning against these cars.  I saw a kid wipe the side of a door with his shirt before leaning against it for a photo, like he was concerned he might get his pants dusty.  It was really unbelievable how some treated these cars.  Security, at the request of the owners, blocked the area off so no one could walk through the cars, just look at them from behind.  Disappointing for me, but a smart move to protect the cars.   The show was pretty much over by 2:30. 

I doubt there is going to be a second annual exotic car show at the Peak.  I don’t know how they resolve the issues they had.  Maybe if they owners stayed with the cars (no one brought chairs like everyone does in a classic car show) that might of helped.  Maybe charge a couple bucks admission and only let so many people through at a time, filtering out the dogs and unruly kids.  But if you promote a car show of 40 or 50 crazy expensive cars at a large family outdoor event, and pack all the cars in a really tight area and unleash the masses on them, unfortunately the outcome should have been expected.

View photos of the exotic cars at the Peek’n Peak Fallfest Exotic Car Show 2019, Clymer NY