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Trunk or Treat Car Shows: A Fusion of Halloween Spirit and Automobile Love


Every year as Halloween approaches, streets are filled with the spooky atmosphere, pumpkin-carved smiles, and costumed children running door-to-door for candy. But for many communities, a newer tradition has been paving its way into the Halloween scene: the “Trunk or Treat” car shows. This unique event has rapidly gained popularity, merging the excitement of Halloween with the admiration for classic and contemporary cars.

What is ‘Trunk or Treat’ Car Show?

Trunk or Treat events are essentially Halloween parties where children, instead of going door-to-door, go car-to-car in a parking lot or a designated area. Car owners deck out their trunks with Halloween decorations, sometimes tying in a theme with the make or model of their vehicle, and hand out candy or treats to the little “ghosts and goblins” that approach.

For many, it’s more than just an alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. It’s an opportunity to showcase their beloved vehicles while also engaging with the community in a safe, controlled environment.

Why the Rising Popularity?

  1. Safety First: With a controlled setting and vetted participants, many parents find Trunk or Treat to be a safer alternative to traditional trick-or-treating. There’s less worry about traffic, and parents can easily keep an eye on their children.
  2. Community Engagement: These events often take place in community centers, church parking lots, or school grounds. It fosters community spirit and allows neighbors to connect in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
  3. Automobile Admiration: For car enthusiasts, it’s a chance to show off their rides. From classic vintage cars to modern marvels, there’s always an exciting range of vehicles to admire.
  4. Creative Expression: The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating trunks. Themes can range from classic haunted graveyards to popular movie scenes. It’s a joy to see the innovative ways people transform their vehicles.

How to Participate in or Organize One

For Attendees:

  • Dress Up: Put on your best Halloween costume!
  • Safety: Always stay in designated areas and be mindful of moving vehicles.
  • Show Appreciation: Remember to thank car owners for their effort and treats.

For Car Owners:

  • Pick a Theme: Whether it’s a classic horror scene or something whimsical, choose a theme that excites you.
  • Safety First: Ensure all decorations are securely attached and won’t pose a risk to visitors.
  • Stock Up on Treats: It’s essential to have enough candy or goodies for all the trick-or-treaters.

For Organizers:

  • Choose a Location: Find a spacious lot that can accommodate several cars and foot traffic.
  • Promote: Use social media, community boards, local newspapers, and list on car event websites such as to spread the word.
  • Safety Measures: Consider having designated parking and walking areas, and possibly some volunteers to manage the flow of attendees.


Trunk or Treat car shows have become a delightful addition to the Halloween festivities. They provide a blend of community spirit, automobile admiration, and of course, the age-old joy of dressing up and indulging in sweet treats. Whether you’re an organizer, a car enthusiast, or a parent looking for a fun and safe Halloween activity, the Trunk or Treat car show has something to offer for everyone. So, rev up your engines, deck out your trunks, and get ready for a spook-tacular time!